Treatment Options For Breast Cancer

Treatment is based on the type of the disease & stage at presentation.
Broadly, treatment of breast cancer  includes any or all of these modalities:

1. Surgery:

Modified Radical Mastectomy with/ without immediate/ delayed breast reconstruction or Oncoplastic Breast Conserving Surgery.
The choice of breast conservation or reconstruction after a mastectomy is discussed with the patient and planned accordingly.
Post surgery, the histopathology report is discussed in detail with the patient and adjuvant treatment in the form of chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy are planned accordingly. Surgery for benign breast conditions is also carried out based on the symptomatology.

2. Chemotherapy:

Either before ( neoadjuvant chemotherapy) or after surgery, with/ without the use of a chemo port to facilitate chemotherapy administration. This is carried out under the supervision of a medical oncologist.

3. Radiotherapy:

Radiotherapy is carried out to the operated breast after breast-conserving surgery or to the chest wall after a mastectomy, based on the findings in the pathology report. Radiation is carried out under the supervision of a radiation oncologist

4. Hormone Therapy:

In the form of tablets or injectable drugs, Hormone therapy is given based on the histopathology report. In elderly, infirm patients, it may also be used as neo-adjuvant hormone therapy