Breast Self Examination

Breast Self Examination is the simplest and most important way of assessing one’s own breasts and picking up a problem early on.

BSE should be performed by every woman after her 30s, preferably once every month, approximately 10 days after her periods, when the breasts are least tender or lumpy.

The examination should be carried out uniformly over each breast in front of a mirror, using the flat of the hand.

Note should be made of any skin or nipple- areola changes, and any palpable lumps.

A lump feels like a marble rolling between the hand and the chest wall.

The breasts as well as the armpits and the area above both collarbones should be gently palpated. Both the nipples should be gently squeezed to look for any abnormal nipple discharge.

In women whose periods have stopped, BSE can be performed anytime during the month.